“Samudra is a Sanskrit term for “ocean.”


Samudra Yoga is about finding that sense of flow in your life through the practical, powerful and transformational practice of Yoga. To explore the rhythm that flows within all of us and to awaken our inner power with the knowledge that life IS a flow of energy, always moving, always happening. Gerry Lopez, beloved surfer says it best: “Out in the surf, everything’s moving; everything’s happening. It never holds still, and life’s the same way. It doesn’t hold still for you, either. If you don’t move with it, life just like the wave, will pass you right by. You have to be paying attention; you have to be spontaneous; you have to be able to go with the flow.”


We will move through the physical form of Yoga with the breath to slow down our mind chatter and become more aware or intuitive to the living sensations within.


We will breathe and move simultaneously to release tension, create flexibility, and strengthen our mind, body, and spirit.


We will learn to relax during challenging poses; relaxation is power.


This dynamic of effort and surrender is needed to evolve into whatever we choose to do.


“When the body relaxes, the mind follows. This skill can be applied to anything we do to increase the impact of what we do.”


There is a sense of freedom when we allow ourselves to go into the depth of our being.


“You are not just a drop in the ocean; you are the mighty ocean in the drop.” Rumi